Cité - Palais de Justice


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Cité - Palais de Justice - France
Cité - Palais de Justice - France
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Cité - Palais de Justice
📍 France
Viewing the architecture of Paris can be a rewarding experience. A must-see is the Cité - Palais de Justice, which is located in the heart of Paris. This palace of justice is a part of the former royal palace, located near Notre Dame. Surrounded by the Seine on three sides, the palace is encircled by a grandiose garden. It stands tall with its iconic Gothic architecture and grandiose towers. The Cité - Palais de Justice is one of the first sights in Paris to which commemorate the French Revolution. The tour of the Cité - Palais de Justice is a unique chance to experience a bygone era. Visitors can take in the pristine gardens, fountains, statues, and shrubberies. Don't miss the stunning views of Paris from within the building - they are definitely worth capturing.

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