Chiesa Del Calvario


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Chiesa Del Calvario - Italy
Chiesa Del Calvario - Italy
Chiesa Del Calvario
📍 Italy
Chiesa Del Calvario is a breathtaking 16th century Baroque-style church located in the small town of Cianciana, Italy. The exterior of the church is topped with four domes, built in an octagonal form around a tall central spire, making it a distinctive landmark in the town. Upon entering, travelers can view the beautiful 17th century paintings and sculptures inside the church, including the work of Pietro Novelli, considered one of the greatest masters of Italian Baroque art. It's worth taking a tour to experience the true beauty of the church. Make sure to dress appropriate for the church, as the entrance has a strict dress code. After the tour, walk around the local town and enjoy the views, or take a drive out to explore the Sicilian countryside.

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