Château de Tarascon


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Château de Tarascon - France
Château de Tarascon - France
Château de Tarascon
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The Château de Tarascon is one of the most striking and iconic sights of Tarascon, France. It is a 15th-century castle that stands atop the town on the banks of the Rhone. It looks like a fairytale castle and is as fascinating and magical as it looks. Visitors can tour the castle and explore its regal furnishings, age-old archives, and grandiose gatehouse. They can also wander through the castle's inner courtyard, which is bordered by rows of vibrant blooms. The walls and turrets of the castle are also worth exploring, as they are filled with stories of kings, knights, and magicians. From the castle walls, you can get the most amazing views of the town and its surroundings. Even if you're not a fan of castles, it's worth a visit to experience its charm and grandeur.

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