Château de Cheverny


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Château de Cheverny - 从 Le Parc, France
Château de Cheverny - 从 Le Parc, France
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Château de Cheverny
📍 从 Le Parc, France
Château de Cheverny is a 17th century Renaissance style castle located in the small town of Cheverny in the Loire Valley in central France. The chateau was owned and occupied by the same family, the Huraults, for more than six centuries, although it has undergone a few renovations and restorations over the years. It is the second-most visited château in the Loire Valley after Chenonceaux. Visitors can explore its four main courtyards, several smaller courtyards and gardens, more than a dozen rooms filled with paintings, tapestries, furniture and ceramics, a chapel, an aviary, Great Stables, and a large park that goes down to the banks of the Cosson River. The castle is also known for its delicious home-grown produce and the traditional hunt that takes place every year. Aside from its popular indoor attractions, the castle holds regular outdoor events such as theatre performances, music festivals, and firework displays. If you are looking to experience a little bit of classic French culture and enchantment, Château de Cheverny is an ideal destination.

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