Château de Chambord


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Château de Chambord - 从 Courtyard, France
Château de Chambord - 从 Courtyard, France
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Château de Chambord
📍 从 Courtyard, France
The illustrious Château de Chambord stands majestically in the French village of Chambord. It was built by King Francis I in 1519 and is one of the most spectacular and historic castles in Europe. It features intricate details and breathtaking architecture. With 440 rooms, 282 fireplaces, and 84 staircases, it's considered one of the most impressive feats of French Renaissance architecture in the world. Explore its beautiful grounds, containing plenty of gardens where visitors can observe wonderful species of local fauna and flora. Inside, visitors can climb the grand double helix staircase, a true masterpiece of Baroque engineering. The famous Grand Gallery is also worth a visit, where numerous artworks and other objects are tightly accommodated within the walls. For nature photographers, the estate's 3000 hectares of lush forest and wildlife is nothing short of paradise. Let your camera explore all the amazing things that Château de Chambord has to offer.

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