Chapelle St Quirin


Chapelle St Quirin - France
Chapelle St Quirin - France
Chapelle St Quirin
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Chapelle St Quirin is a picturesque chapel located in the town of Gambsheim in France. Built in 1635 by Archbishop Sébastien de Rosoy, this chapel was the main place of worship for the local parishioners. It is a beautiful piece of architecture that is a must-see on any trip to the area. A covered courtyard completes the structure, and the chapel is nestled in a scenic landscape complete with old stone walls and ancient trees. Visitors are free to explore the grounds and admire the chapel's exterior. Inside, one can find stunning art and architecture, including stained glass windows depicting various Biblical stories. Despite its age, many of these features remain perfectly preserved and in exceptional condition. The chapel is open most days for visitors to explore.

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