Chapel of Saint-Hubert


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Chapel of Saint-Hubert - France
Chapel of Saint-Hubert - France
Chapel of Saint-Hubert
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The Chapel of Saint-Hubert is situated atop a hill overlooking the town of Amboise in western France, close to the Loire Valley. Constructed in 1519, the chapel was built to house the remains of St Hubert, the patron saint of hunters. The chapel is a simple yet incredibly beautiful structure, and its panoramic surroundings only enhance its beauty. The facade is decorated with a pediment and two low-reliefs. Inside, a procession of frescoes narrates the life of the lake. The interior is adorned with a Romanesque apse, stained-glass windows and tiled floors. Although much of the chapel is original, it has been renovated over the centuries. Visitors can explore the chapel for free and can also find a small museum dedicated to hunting, on the second floor.

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