Canada Place


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Canada Place - 从 Coal Harbourview, Canada
Canada Place - 从 Coal Harbourview, Canada
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Canada Place
📍 从 Coal Harbourview, Canada
Canada Place is a stunning waterfront building in downtown Vancouver, Canada. It serves as a cruise ship and ferry terminal, as well as being a hub for entertainment and events. With its iconic five white sails on the roof, it is one of Vancouver's most recognizable landmarks. Inside, there are shops and restaurants, as well as a viewing deck and walkways overlooking the harbour. The Sea-to-Sky corridor is accessible from Canada Place and provides a beautiful scenic drive for visitors. The outdoor decks around the building provide spectacular views of the harbour, downtown skyline and North Shore Mountains. Canada Place is a great spot for those wanting to witness the arrival or departure of cruise ships, yachts and other vessels. It's also often the site of cultural celebrations and festivals.

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