Cala del Pato


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Cala del Pato - 从 Calas de Roche, Spain
Cala del Pato - 从 Calas de Roche, Spain
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Cala del Pato
📍 从 Calas de Roche, Spain
Cala del Pato is a stunning coastal location in the Santa Pola province of Costa Blanca, Spain. Bordered by sandy beaches and rugged cliffs, this picturesque location is the perfect base for photography, peaceful walks, and beach combing. Dotted with hidden coves, and crystal clear turquoise waters, Cala del Pato offers a range of activities for travelers seeking a peaceful yet exciting destination, including swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, diving, and wildlife sightseeing - while admiring the splendid views of the Mediterranean Sea. Accommodation is available, with plenty of nearby cafes and restaurants offering delicious local cuisine, making Cala del Pato an ideal spot for a getaway.

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