Bushkill Falls


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Bushkill Falls - United States
Bushkill Falls - United States
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Bushkill Falls
📍 United States
Bushkill Falls, located in Bushkill, United States, is a beautiful gem of the Pocono Mountains. Filled with cascading waterfalls, crystal-clear pools, and lush foliage that surround the trails, it's definitely a must for any outdoor adventure seekers. From the tranquil Lower Trail which is the perfect spot for bird watching, to the spectacular Upper Trail, there is an endless abundance of breathtaking outdoor sights and activities. Bushkill Falls offers a variety of activities from guided hikes, scenic drives, and activities for the whole family. Explore the Upper and Lower walking trails, take a romantic picnic on the lush grounds, and enjoy a tranquil swim in the crystal clear pool. Whether you're looking to discover a hidden treasure, or get active and explore the trails, Bushkill Falls is a great destination for all.

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