Bezid - 从 Dam, Romania
Bezid - 从 Dam, Romania
📍 从 Dam, Romania
Bezid is a lovely commune in the Sângeorgiu de Pădure region of Romania, surrounded by spectacular mountain scenery. The village is surrounded by high grasslands and pastures, giving it an almost untouched, rustic charm. There are many small lakes to explore and enjoy, and even some historic churches to visit. The Church of St. John the Baptist dates back to 1690 and features some beautiful stone sculptures. Bezid is also a great destination for hiking, offering plenty of trails to follow. Nature lovers can spot some rare species of birds, and the entire area is a paradise for photographers. A great way to really appreciate this place is to take a small boat across Lake Smei, where you can observe a large number of reeds, willows, and oaks. With its diverse nature and unspoiled landscapes, Bezid is perfect for travelers looking for a peaceful and tranquil spot in Romania.

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