Berlin Cathedral


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Berlin Cathedral - 从 Friedrichs Bridge, Germany
Berlin Cathedral - 从 Friedrichs Bridge, Germany
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Berlin Cathedral
📍 从 Friedrichs Bridge, Germany
Berlin Cathedral (or Berliner Dom) is the largest church in Berlin, Germany and boasts impressive baroque architecture and a fascinating history. It stands in the central Mitte district and is heralded as one of the most important monuments in German architectural history, having been completed in 1905. Its Renaissance, Baroque and Gothic styles contribute to the grandeur and incredible beauty of the cathedral. The interior houses an impressive collection of mosaics, wall paintings, sculptures, statues and stained glass windows, some dating back as far as the 17th century. Those who ascend to the top of the dome are rewarded with stunning views of the city. The crypt holds various royal tombs and memorial plaques, while the crypts in the central and south transept feature several hundred sarcophagi. In addition to a museum, the cathedral also features a café and a shop. The enclosed courtyard surrounding the central domes provides a wonderful place for reflection. Berlin Cathedral is open for visits daily and is a must-see for those visiting Berlin.

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