Batumi Piazza


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Batumi Piazza - Georgia
Batumi Piazza - Georgia
Batumi Piazza
📍 Georgia
Batumi Piazza is a multi-purpose public space located in the city of Batumi, Georgia. It's a vibrant, lively and welcoming square where locals and tourists alike come to hang out and explore the amazing city. The Piazza has a certain charm and energy to it that photographers and sightseers alike will appreciate. Its wide open area allows for plenty of natural light, great for capturing beautiful shots of the traditional architecture in every direction. It's also a great place to dine with plenty of café and restaurant options, as well as to watch live music performances, join in social events, and relax on the numerous colorful chairs and benches available. Whether you're a photographer visiting to take amazing shots or a traveler seeking a laid-back place to soak in the culture, Batumi Piazza is a great spot to experience this underrated city.

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