Auto Antiguo


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Auto Antiguo - 从 Calle De Portugal, Uruguay
Auto Antiguo - 从 Calle De Portugal, Uruguay
Auto Antiguo
📍 从 Calle De Portugal, Uruguay
Auto Antiguo & Calle de Portugal in Colonia Del Sacramento, Uruguay is an exceptionally charming town steeped in history. This is the perfect destination for those looking for a romantic weekend away, for people interested in historical buildings, and for avid photographers. The cobbled streets are lined with columns, as well as restored and beautifully maintained colonial-style houses, adobe buildings, and azulejos. The street of Calle de Portugal, a centerpiece of the old town, is adorned with picturesque lamp posts and filled with souvenir shops. On the nearby Auto Antiguo you'll find the Monumento al Puerto de Colonia, a historic church, and a nearby lighthouse. Admire the landscape views of the Rio de la Plata, and discover the many beaches, charming plazas, museums and monuments all located in the same area. When you’re done exploring, sample some of the renowned locally produced Uruguayan wines, and indulge in some delicious asado. Colonia Del Sacramento awaits!

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