Ancien Sémaphore


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Ancien Sémaphore - France
Ancien Sémaphore - France
Ancien Sémaphore
📍 France
Ancien Sémaphore, in Quiberon, France, is an interesting landmark and a favourite spot for photographers. It is a 19th-century light house on the western tip of Quiberon peninsula, constructed in 1843. Its architecture features a pointed conical tower that is flanked by two windowed rooms. At 24 meters high, it is easily visible from afar and makes for a dramatic silhouette when combined with an interesting sky. Its vibrant location provides interesting opportunities for a composition to capture the beauty of the sea and skies over Quiberon. All around there you can find lovely beaches, and a pleasant stroll along its rocky coast is also recommended. Ancien Sémaphore is a perfect spot to get some insight into the life and traditions of the area.

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