Aldura Gunea Aldea


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Aldura Gunea Aldea - Spain
Aldura Gunea Aldea - Spain
Aldura Gunea Aldea
📍 Spain
Located in northern Spain, Aldura Gunea Aldea (which translates to ‘old new town’) is a small authentic fishing village consisting of one street lined with typical Basque houses. Its long and narrow harbour, framed by stone walls, is a favourite spot amongst visitors and photographers alike. The harbour is home to Arnautala Beach, offering stunning views of the Bay of Biscay and, on a clear day, some of the nearby archipelagos, in addition to its own impressive rocky coastline. The pretty village, with its deep-rooted Verdejo wine and chamois hunting heritage, is home to several unique monuments, like the iconic Aldura Erreka (known as The Gables) and the impressive San Antonio Abad Church. The village is located on the edge of the Urola Valley, in the foothills of the majestic Urbasa and Andia mountain range, and makes an ideal base from which to discover the hidden gems of the Basque Country.

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