Alcázar de Segovia


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Alcázar de Segovia - 从 Mirador, Spain
Alcázar de Segovia - 从 Mirador, Spain
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Alcázar de Segovia
📍 从 Mirador, Spain
Alcázar de Segovia is a majestic palace located high on a hill in the city of Segovia, just northwest of Madrid in central Spain. It is a stunning example of Medieval military architecture and is widely considered one of the two greatest Gothic-style castle in Spain (the other is located in The Alhambra in Granada). It dates back to the 11th century and has been variously used as royal residence, a prison, a military academy and state archives. Its 186ft tall Alcázar de Segovia towers over the surrounding city and the nearby River Eresma. Its walls, towers and gate house, offer visitors a spectacular setting for exploring the history of this famous landmark. Inside there are grand, immense rooms, and a chapel, as well as a small museum with artifacts from the Alcazar's history. Walking round the grounds you will take in views of the many unique aspects of the castle, from its walls and turrets to its courtyards and gardens.

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