Albercutx Watchtower


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Albercutx Watchtower - Spain
Albercutx Watchtower - Spain
Albercutx Watchtower
📍 Spain
The magical, tropical island of Guam is the largest and southernmost of the Mariana Islands. Located in the western Pacific ocean, Guam serves as a gateway to the US and Asia, making it a popular destination for travelers seeking a unique experience. Here you can explore beautiful island beaches dotted with palm trees lining the ocean, go diving with manta rays and explore coral reefs, or go trekking through tropical forests rich with wildlife. There’s no shortage of outdoor activities or fun to be had, from zip-lining to horseback riding, kayaking, fishing and so much more. When you’re not busy exploring, relax by the poolside and take in some of Guam’s culture by visiting one of its many historic and cultural sites such as Puntan Dos Amantes, Fort Soledad, or the Talofofo Falls. Whether you’re looking for sun-drenched shorelines, unique culture or plenty of adventure, Guam is the perfect destination for all kinds of explorers.

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