Palazzo Beneventano

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Palazzo Beneventano - Italy
Palazzo Beneventano - Italy
@antony_sex - Unsplash
Palazzo Beneventano
📍 Italy
The Palazzo Beneventano, in the beautiful Sicilian city of Scicli, is an 18th-century Baroque palace; it is an architectural masterpiece and an impressive sight to behold. Made largely of yellow tuff and limestone, the palace is a sprawling structure, with two courtyards, an arcade loggia, a grand staircase and an impressive fountain. Its façade is richly decorated with stone decorations, including a grand balcony, topped with the coat of arms of the Beneventano family. Inside the building, there are spectacular vaulted ceilings and stunning painted frescoes, dating back to the 17th century. It is now owned by local historian and Scicli native, Dr. Carrolo Santomauro, who has curated a small museum inside the palace. It houses various 17th and 18th-century artworks and artifacts from the city’s past, along with documents and books. Visitors can take an intimate tour inside the palace and marvel at the treasures contained within.

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