Mamure Castle

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Mamure Castle - From Drone, Turkey
Mamure Castle - From Drone, Turkey
@mbh01 - Unsplash
Mamure Castle
📍 From Drone, Turkey
Mamure Castle is a heavily fortified medieval castle located in Anamur, Turkey. It was built in 12th century as a defense against the Crusaders by the Armenians of the Kingdom of Cilicia. The castle is situated on a rocky promontory jutting out into the Mediterranean Sea, with a grand view of the coast to the south. The castle is constructed of stone, mortar, and clay, with a number of defensive towers and a long wall on the land side. The castle remains in excellent condition and provides a great opportunity to explore life in medieval times. Inside the walls, you can find a number of well-preserved rooms and hallways, as well as a mosque, chapel, baths and an Ottoman cistern. Outside its walls, you can see an old Byzantine aqueduct, lighthouses, and the ruins of an old Armenian church. The castle offers a unique opportunity to explore and experience history, as well as enjoy its breathtaking views and explore the natural beauty of the area.

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