Casbah Dellys

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Casbah Dellys - Algeria
Casbah Dellys - Algeria
Casbah Dellys
📍 Algeria
The vibrant port town of Dellys, located on the Mediterranean Coast of Algeria, is home to the striking Casbah Dellys. It is one of the few well preserved casbahs along the Algerian coast, and offers a unique insight into the cultural heritage of the town. The narrow winding streets of the Casbah are packed with traditional Algerian architecture, with picturesque buildings, terraces and squares. While walking around the Casbah, visitors can explore traditional souks, restaurants and cafes, as well as the intricate tiled architecture of various Quranic schools, churches and mosques. Additionally, within the Casbah walls visitors may cross paths with local tradespeople in the workshops, galleries, and markets that line the alleys. A visit to Casbah Dellys is an incomparable tour through the cultural depths of Algeria.

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