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Heunginjimun - South Korea
Heunginjimun - South Korea
@grimstad - Unsplash
📍 South Korea
The Noto Peninsula is a rugged stretch of land located in the Ishikawa prefecture of Japan. Noto Peninsula is famous for its stunning pristine shorelines, rugged cliffs, historic castles, and unique traditional houses with blue-tiled walls. Ecologically speaking, it is home to the largest populations of Amami rabbit and Japanese crane, as well as a range of diverse flora and fauna. Some attractions worth visiting are Wajima Morning Market where you can experience local carpentry and rice paper making as well as Suigun samurai museum with its inside view of an ancient castle. The peninsula is also famous for its spectacular night views, and you can get a unique perspective of the town from the observation deck at Sakuya Konohana Kan. Last but not least, don't forget to visit Ogi Town and explore the beautifully preserved fire festivals and shamisen (traditional musical instrument) performances. Experience natural beauty and dynamic culture of Noto Peninsula!

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