Zwierzyniecka Bridge


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Zwierzyniecka Bridge - Poland
Zwierzyniecka Bridge - Poland
Zwierzyniecka Bridge
📍 Poland
The Zwierzyniecka Bridge is a signature landmark of the enchanting Polish city Wroclaw. It is a historical bridge connecting the two banks of river Oder, over it stands the grand St. Elizabeth's Church – one of the most beautiful spots in Poland. The bridge was originally built during the 14th century and was reconstructed during the 17th century in the Baroque style. It has 6 arcades, its length reaching 115 meters. It is testimony to the rich history of Wroclaw, known as the Venice of Poland due to its many islands, bridges and canals. Its main attractions are the marvelous sculptures depicting different species of animals and birds, breathtaking architecture and its picturesque views along the river. It is an ideal spot to take a peaceful stroll, have a picnic or watch the boats. Zwierzyniecka Bridge is definitely worth a visit.

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