Znamenskaya Tserkov'


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Znamenskaya Tserkov' - Russia
Znamenskaya Tserkov' - Russia
Znamenskaya Tserkov'
📍 Russia
Znamenskaya Tserkov', also known as the Sign Church of Morozovo, is an iconic Russian Orthodox church situated in the Moskovskaya oblast' of Russia. Built in 1772 and later fully restored in 2008, Znamenskaya Tserkov' is an undeniable architectural and spiritual marvel, boasting a remarkable and unique onion-shaped dome architecture. The painted theme inside the church is that of the elders and the Archangel Gabriel, while above the main entrance lies a marvelous fresco of the Madonna and Child. It is regarded as a national monument of great historical importance, and it is visited annually by countless tourists and pilgrims, who come to meditate and contemplate the timeless beauty of this remarkable edifice.

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