Zion National Park


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Zion National Park - United States
Zion National Park - United States
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Zion National Park
📍 United States
Zion National Park is one of the most remarkable national parks in the United States. Located about 160 miles from Las Vegas, it offers a plethora of outdoor adventure and stunning natural beauty. This rugged park is framed by lush red-rock canyons, cascading waterfalls, soaring sandstone cliffs and more than 100 deep, narrow slot canyons that are ideal for hiking and even abseiling.

The park encompasses 229 square miles, and includes some of the stunning natural habitats and landscapes in Utah, such as The Narrows, a narrow 15-mile gorge, Zion Canyon, a 7-mile deep gorge and Kolob Canyons, a 5-mile long narrow canyon. Visitors to Zion National Park will find it as an extraordinary place, full of breathtaking sights. Take a short shuttle tour to explore the area and experience jaw-dropping views of the canyons, rivers, and mountain overlooks. The trails within the park allow you to marvel at the grand rock formations, discover hidden wonders and explore hidden desert creatures. When visiting Zion National Park, you should bring plenty of water, snacks and sun protection, as the environment can be quite hot and the terrain can be rough. Enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, from hiking and rock climbing to biking and even photography!

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