Wukoki Pueblo


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Wukoki Pueblo - から Inside, United States
Wukoki Pueblo - から Inside, United States
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Wukoki Pueblo
📍 から Inside, United States
Wukoki Pueblo is one of the most spectacular Native American ruins located in Black Falls Crossing, Arizona. Built during the 12th century, the 14-storey High Tower is the most picturesque feature of the site, while the smaller chambers and small rooms scattered around the area are linked through a network of painted petroglyphs. A unique feature of the Wukoki Pueblo is its location at the middle of a dry cinder cone and is one of the few spots in the area that keeps its original form. Visitors can explore the site by walking the entire perimeter and entering through the large main entrance. The view from inside Wukoki Pueblo is spectacular and offers great opportunities for both photography and sightseeing. There's also a picnic area nearby, perfect for a post-tour lunch.

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