World Ball


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World Ball - Spain
World Ball - Spain
World Ball
📍 Spain
Zaragoza's iconic World Ball is a truly unique sight. Located in the city center, it is a great attraction for tourists and locals alike. The 12-meter-tall structure, made of chrome and aluminum, features the world's continents and the flags of all the countries. It is a striking sight in the city, and a great spot for a photo op. The symbol it conveys, of unity and international understanding, is an uplifting message of peace and friendship. There are a variety of routes from which to take in the World Ball, depending on the time of day and the season. As you walk, you can admire the beauty of its dazzling reflections which create small rainbows around it, bringing additional beauty to the setting. As you take your pictures, be sure to capture the energy of the nearby surroundings, including the colorful Plaza de España, where locals and tourists alike gather in the busy outdoor cafés.

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