Wikingerdorf "FLAKE"


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Wikingerdorf "FLAKE" - Germany
Wikingerdorf "FLAKE" - Germany
Wikingerdorf "FLAKE"
📍 Germany
Wikingerdorf FLAKE is a reconstructed Viking village located near Kochel am See, Germany. It was built as a part of the groundbreaking historical research program "Living History - The Viking Farm of Kochel am See". Fully furnished with authentic Viking furniture and tools, it serves as a museum and one of the most significant attractions of the region. Visitors can explore the village, view archaeological finds and artifacts, take part in Viking-themed activities and experience a peek into the life of its ancient inhabitants. The village also offers a number of interesting educational programs and hosts regular re-enactment events with professional guides and actors dressed in traditional Viking clothing. At Wikingerdorf FLAKE, you can explore the lifestyle and culture of the Viking era, learn about ancient crafts and practice traditional skills.

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