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Waterpark - から Deck, Hungary
Waterpark - から Deck, Hungary
📍 から Deck, Hungary
Waterpark in Dunavarsány, Hungary, is a fantastic choice for a fun day excursion. This nostalgic Hungarian amusement park, built in 1996, includes an abundance of rides and slides to enjoy. You will find a multi-lane Slip and Slide, trampolines, bumper boats, wobbly bridges, swing carousels, giant dinosaurs, roller coasters, and an aquatic center with wave machines amongst other thrilling rides. There is also an array of eateries and snack bars provided, with a variety of traditional Hungarian snacks. The Kids Club, located at the heart of the amusement park, offers a range of activities such as bowling, pool, and billiards for the little ones. Visitors can also chill with a beer on the banks of the nearby Lake Balaton. Public transportation to Waterpark is included in the ticket price.

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