Waterloo Station


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Waterloo Station - から Inside, United Kingdom
Waterloo Station - から Inside, United Kingdom
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Waterloo Station
📍 から Inside, United Kingdom
Waterloo Station is one of the major train stations in London. Built in 1922 and measuring 460,000 square feet, it is the largest train station in the country. Consisting of 19 platforms, it is the busiest railway station in the UK, with an estimated 250,000 people travelling through it each day. It serves several destinations in the cities of Surrey, Hampshire, and London. It has direct connections to London's Underground network, making it easily accessible. Despite being relatively modern and one of London's newest train stations, it still retains some of its Edwardian-era architecture, including the grand canopy over the concourse, as well as a statue of Victorian hero Major William Pitt who is known for his development of the area.

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