Warehouse District


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Warehouse District - から Bei Bridge, Germany
Warehouse District - から Bei Bridge, Germany
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Warehouse District
📍 から Bei Bridge, Germany
The Warehouse District and Bei Bridge are two iconic places for exploring the old-world port town of Hamburg, Germany. Home to Nicholas Newpin’s Four Chamber House, the district is full of red-brick warehouses and stunning architecture dating back to the 1600s. From the half-timbered houses of Speicherstadt to the beautiful old canals and cargo elevators, it’s easy to feel like you’re stepping back in time here. The Bei Bridge, meanwhile, is a beautiful iron bridge complete with lanterns and sculptures that has passed over the Outer Alster Lake since 1901. It’s become a common site for walkers and cyclists, who can see for miles across the tranquil waters of the lake. Both locations are the perfect spot for a day of soaking up the historical architecture and unique atmosphere of this unique German city.

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