Virgen River


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Virgen River - から Kayenta Trail, United States
Virgen River - から Kayenta Trail, United States
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Virgen River
📍 から Kayenta Trail, United States
Virgen River lies in the stunningly beautiful U.S. state of Utah. It flows through the town of Springdale, winding its way around sandstone mesas, and through emerald mermaid pools. The water can range from a gentle cascades to a wild and raging torrent. Exploring the area can yield some incredible views, including the towering Watchman, a huge red rock, which looks down majestically over the town. From the river, visitors can explore numerous side canyons, including Red, Englestead and Orderville, as well as some lovely oak forests. There are plenty of areas suitable for hiking, wading and fishing. Whitewater aficionados can challenge themselves in the rapids, whose difficulty varies with the season. Finally, the riverside area is ideal for a picnic or a camp in the shadow of the towering cliffs.

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