Village and Rice Terraces


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Village and Rice Terraces - Indonesia
Village and Rice Terraces - Indonesia
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Village and Rice Terraces
📍 Indonesia
The village of Sebatu in Indonesia is full of stunning beauty and amazing experiences. Set amongst stunningly lush rice terraces, the village is a photographer's paradise with its stunning landscapes and captivating vistas of the terraced fields. Framed by gorgeous views of the distant volcanoes and lush jungle, the unspoiled beauty of Sebatu's village and surrounding rice terraces are sure to mesmerize photographers and travelers alike. Visitors can explore the incredible landscape of terraced fields in the village, as well as partake in the unique culture and traditions of the local people. Sebatu also offers amazing viewpoints where you can take in the beautiful views of the terraced fields and countryside—a perfect spot for sunset and sunrise photos. Visit Sebatu to capture stunning photographs and experience the beauty of traditional village life.

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