Vézelay Abbey


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Vézelay Abbey - から Inside, France
Vézelay Abbey - から Inside, France
Vézelay Abbey
📍 から Inside, France
Vézelay Abbey, also known as Abbaye de Sainte-Marie-Madeleine de Vézelay, is a Romanesque-style Benedictine abbey located in the town of Vézelay, Burgundy, France. For over a thousand years, the abbey served as a major pilgrimage site and continues to be to this day. The main church, built between 1090-1120, and its crypt are particularly notable, boasting many fine paintings and sculptures from the 12th-15th centuries. The abbey is also home to a famous collection of ivory carvings, known as the Vézelay Ivories. Despite undergoing various restorations and renovations, a number of original elements remain, including its magnificent Romanesque doorway and its external portal, which is decorated with numerous stone figures. The abbey is open to visitors during the day and is worth a visit for its architecture and inspiring ambience alone.

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