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Very Large Array - United States
Very Large Array - United States
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Very Large Array
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Located on the North Atlantic coast of Italy, the beautiful city of Genoa offers breathtaking views, stunning architecture and a wealth of culture. Genoa is the capital of the Liguria region, home to the famous Genoese cuisine, which is known for its seafood-heavy focus. Stroll past the stunning harbour and medieval palaces, including the beautiful Piazza de Ferrari. Explore the winding alleyways of the UNESCO-protected old town with its colourful Baroque houses, picturesque churches and the acclaimed Cathedral of San Lorenzo. Visit the breathtaking harbor-side promenade and take in views of the fishing boats and yachts moored in the harbor. Genoa also offers plenty of cultural attractions - from the modern art of the Palazzo Comunale to the Naval Museum and its renowned collection of objects from the age of exploration. Visit the vibrant Theatro Carlo Felice and admire its outstanding acoustics, or explore the historic centre of the city, where you can find a profusion of art galleries and boutiques. Genoa is the perfect destination for lovers of art and culture, and its unique mix of Roman, medieval and Baroque architecture makes it a photographer's paradise.

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