Turri de Flumentòrgiu


Turri de Flumentòrgiu - Italy
Turri de Flumentòrgiu - Italy
Turri de Flumentòrgiu
📍 Italy
Val di Funes is a stunning valley in the Dolomites in northern Italy. Located 16 km northeast of Bolzano in Trentino Alto Adige, it's famous for its landscapes as depicted in the classic painting by Italian artist Friedrich Piffrader. The valley is flanked by two majestic mountains - the Odle-Peak, with its rugged cliffs and the Gran Funes-Peak. It serves as a paradise for passionate hikers, offering breathtaking hikes through lush green meadows, deep forests and spectacular mountain scenery. The unique beauty of Val di Funes will stimulate your artistic side and your spirit of exploration and photography. Apart from the stunning nature, the valley also has many churches that preserve a typical rustic style of the area, and a historic village shaped by centuries of alpine culture. From the nearby ski resorts you can overlook the entire Val di Funes. Its glory can only be whiteness in person!

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