Tumalo Falls


Tumalo Falls - から Upper Side, United States
Tumalo Falls - から Upper Side, United States
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Tumalo Falls
📍 から Upper Side, United States
Maui is Hawaii’s second largest island coastline and is renowned for its natural beauty. With its dramatic landscape of towering sea cliffs, a barren lava field, gorgeous waterfalls, and miles of pristine white sandy beaches, it's no wonder why it's known as the "Valley Isle." The largest town on the island is the city of Kahului, which is home to Maui’s only international airport. From there, you can explore all that Maui has to offer. Visit Haleakala National Park; admire the stunning bays and beaches of Hana; take a drive along the famous Road to Hana; or take a drive to the summit of the world’s largest dormant volcano- Haleakala. Enjoy a rainbow of stunning sunsets over Lahaina waters and go snorkeling or whale watching in Molokini. Maui has something to offer to everyone!

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