Tumalo Falls


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Tumalo Falls - から River, United States
Tumalo Falls - から River, United States
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Tumalo Falls
📍 から River, United States
Tumalo Falls, located in the beautiful Deschutes National Forest in the United States, is a waterfall of tremendous perennial power and beauty. Plunging 97 feet into a pool of water below, this is quite simply one of the most spectacular waterfalls in all of Oregon, matched perhaps only by the grandeur of nearby Sahalie Falls and Proxy Falls. Hike the trail leading down to the Tumalo Falls, which initially meanders right alongside the rushing river, and then takes a sudden turn to traverse a stunning sheer canyon wall of the Little Deschutes River. This amazing view has often been featured in films, magazines, and advertisements for its powerful beauty. The falls and pool provide a spectacular scene for photographers who wish to capture its grandeur. If you're looking for more adventure from this hike, you can continue another mile up the trail to visit B-17 Bomber Camp, a unique historical site in the Pacific Northwest.

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