Tugu Negara


Tugu Negara - Malaysia
Tugu Negara - Malaysia
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Tugu Negara
📍 Malaysia
Tugu Negara is one of the most popular monuments in Kuala Lumpur. It commemorates those who have sacrificed their lives in service of the nation, and it is a powerful reminder of the country's history and culture. The monument stands at 15 meters tall and holds within it a cenotaph depicting the soldiers of Malaysia. The memorial is also known for its stunning architecture, which is characterized by five support pillars that arch upwards towards a flame shaped dome and a five-pointed star. Visitors can walk around the monument and enjoy the serene atmosphere that surrounds it. There are also a number of photo opportunities to be had, as the monument is positioned in a park which overlooks the city skyline, making it a great place to view the cityscape. Tugu Negara is open to visitors at all times and is free of charge.

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