Troodos Mountains


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Troodos Mountains - から Trail, Cyprus
Troodos Mountains - から Trail, Cyprus
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Troodos Mountains
📍 から Trail, Cyprus
The Troodos Mountains, in Limassol, Cyprus are a magnet for nature-lovers and outdoor-enthusiasts alike. Dramatic peaks and lush countryside abound for hikers, and provide a year-round destination for adventure-seekers. With hardwood forests, nature trails, and breathtaking views, Troodos offers more than just a hike—it’s a journey through untouched nature and traditional villages that dot the mountain range. Wildlife, waterfalls, and traditional villages of colorful architecture combine to create a spectacular backdrop for visitors. Take advantage of the numerous trails—which range from difficult to easy—or explore the wineries and cultural centers along the mountain. Don’t miss a trip to one of the local monasteries, or a family-owned restaurant—which serve up delicious authentic cuisine cooked with fresh ingredients. Trekking, exploration and relaxation await in the Troodos Mountains.

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