Tóth Árpád stny.


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Tóth Árpád stny. - Hungary
Tóth Árpád stny. - Hungary
Tóth Árpád stny.
📍 Hungary
Tóth Árpád Stny. is a public square located in the 8th district of Budapest, Hungary. Home to a beautiful fountain and played host to several important historical moments since its construction in 1901, the beautiful square is now a favorite for locals and visitors alike. The fountain at the center of the square is named after the former mayor of the district and is made from golden-tinged bronze. Locals refuse to refrain from adorning it with fresh flowers and ribbons.The area around the Stny. is also home to many renowned churches, including one of Budapest's oldest churches; the Felso-Vizivárosi Presbiteri Templom, as well as the Szent Rezso Görög Katolikus Templom. A unique mix of tourist attractions and local spots make a stroll through the area a pleasant experience. With an array of small shops, eateries, and public parks, visitors are invited to explore the calming atmosphere of the 8th district.

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