Torre del Oro


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Torre del Oro - Spain
Torre del Oro - Spain
Torre del Oro
📍 Spain
Torre del Oro is an iconic 12-sided watchtower overlooking the Guadalquivir River in the coastal city of Sevilla, Spain. It was originally built in the 13th century as part of the city's defense system, and later served as a prison, a warehouse, and even a bullfighting ring. Now, it is open to the public, who can explore its unique galleries and enjoy the sweeping views from the top of its two levels. Inside, there are interactive displays that tell the city's history, as well as exhibitions highlighting its attention to culture and the arts. Visitors can also look down at the ground floor where there is a cafe, bookshop, and gift shop. The tower is listed as a cultural heritage and features regular open-air flamenco shows.

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