Torre del Agua


Torre del Agua - Spain
Torre del Agua - Spain
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Torre del Agua
📍 Spain
Torre del Agua is an iconic structure located in the city of Zaragoza in Spain. Built in 1574, it served as a defensive tower that was part of the city’s outer walls. Nowadays, it stands out as an important example of Renaissance architecture in the city.The tower is around 27 meters tall and offers lovely views of the city’s skyline. Torre del Agua is the perfect place to start your discovery of Zaragoza. You can access the tower and its terrace through the stairs or a lift. Don’t miss the amazing stone floors inside this historic structure. Even though the tower is put to new uses, some of its original turret remains and provides a picturesque atmosphere. A visit to Torre del Agua is highly recommended if you’re interested in the cultural history of Zaragoza.

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