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Toronto - から Sunnyside Beach, Canada
Toronto - から Sunnyside Beach, Canada
📍 から Sunnyside Beach, Canada
Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the capital of Ontario province. It's a bustling, vibrant city known for its cosmopolitan culture, packed with a variety of attractions. Sunnyside Beach is a lake shore park located in Toronto's West End. The beach has been a popular summer destination in Toronto for over 100 years. It features a boardwalk, a shallow artificial wading pool, and a fishing pier. There is also a park with shaded areas, a playground, and plenty of paths for walking and biking. The beachfront promenade is lined with food stalls, ice cream parlours, and souvenir stores, creating a lively summer atmosphere. During the summer months, you can expect to find volleyball courts and other activities. The best way to get around in Toronto is to take public transportation, like the streetcar, the subway system, or buses.

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