Ton Nga waterfall


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Ton Nga waterfall - Thailand
Ton Nga waterfall - Thailand
Ton Nga waterfall
📍 Thailand
Ton Nga Chang Waterfall or "Elephant’s Tears" is a scenic spot nestled in lush mountains of the Southeast province of Surat Thani. Being one of the most unique waterfalls in the country, Ton Nga Chang cascades down a series of 7 tiers for about 800 meters and forms tranquil rock-pools and shallow streams throughout the rainforest area. Set against a backdrop of rolling hills, the emerald green landscape around Ton Nga is ideal for relaxing and swimming. With a restaurant, souvenir shop, camping and camping equipment and bathrooms, the waterfall offers convenient facilities for visitors. Take the paved trail up the mountain to the various observation decks for panoramic views and photograph the wildlife to get the full experience of Ton Nga Chang.

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