Tomioka Silk Mill


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Tomioka Silk Mill - Japan
Tomioka Silk Mill - Japan
Tomioka Silk Mill
📍 Japan
Cape Point is a promontory located on the south east end of the Cape Peninsula in South Africa. It is an iconic destination, renowned for its spectacular coastal views, dramatic landscape, and unique wildlife. On your visit you can enjoy hikes, wildlife viewing, and numerous photo opportunities. The renowned Chapman’s Peak drive offers amazing views of the seaside cliffs of the Cape Point Reserve and the turquoise waters of False Bay. Here you’ll find several diverse habitats like fynbos, sand dunes, and beaches. You can explore some of the 250 species of fynbos, or spot the eland, ostrich, baboons, or antelope living in the area. With the Indian and Atlantic oceans meeting its cliffs, the Cape of Good Hope is a sight that will take any traveler’s breath away.

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