Tinsulanonda Bridge


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Tinsulanonda Bridge - から Folklore Museum, Thailand
Tinsulanonda Bridge - から Folklore Museum, Thailand
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Tinsulanonda Bridge
📍 から Folklore Museum, Thailand
Tinsulanonda Bridge in Tambon Ko Yo, Thailand is an old pedestrian bridge neighboring Wat Kaew, which spans across the Khlong Pai canal and is made up of slats of wood. Built in 1839, it is the longest wooden bridge in the country and serves as an important local transport route. Tourists can not only experience the beauty of the bridge, but also get a feel for traditional Thai country living, as families living alongside the canal transport their goods through it in traditional boats. From Tinsulanonda bridge, visitors can take a boat along the Khlong Pai canal, past the rice paddies and temples that line its banks. Photographers can seek out some beautiful perspectives of the bridge, as well as capture the boats, temples, children swimming and fishermen, who often pass by. A visit to this bridge will definitely provide a great cultural and scenic experience!

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