Tillamook Rock Lighthouse


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Tillamook Rock Lighthouse - United States
Tillamook Rock Lighthouse - United States
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Tillamook Rock Lighthouse
📍 United States
The Tillamook Rock Lighthouse, located off the Oregon coast near Cannon Beach, is Oregon's most iconic lighthouse. It was completed in 1881, making it the first and only offshore lighthouse in the U.S. The rock upon which the lighthouse rests is over 148 feet high and 300 feet offshore. It is a picturesque sight, its weathered granite walls rising out of the grey foaming waves. Even off in the distance when the fog rolls in, the white tower appears magnificently over the horizon. Despite being so far out into the ocean, the lighthouse still functions today. Visitors can enjoy a daring climb up the spiraling staircase inside to get the full view of the surrounding area. The Tillamook Rock Lighthouse is open to the public and can be accessed by plane or boat tours, which provide a unique and memorable experience.

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