The Whampoa


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The Whampoa - から Whampoa Garden, Hong Kong
The Whampoa - から Whampoa Garden, Hong Kong
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The Whampoa
📍 から Whampoa Garden, Hong Kong
The Whampoa is a waterfront district in Hong Kong known for its vibrant culture and stunning views. The harbor-side location makes for spectacular waterfront views. From the rooftop, visitors can see to the east Kowloon and to the west, the International Financial Centre. There is an abundance of street photography opportunities, thanks to colorful street art and displays, colorful markets, and the Victoria Harbour skyline. The adjacent wet market provides a wealth of sights and sounds — you can find an amazing array of food, both fresh and cooked. The nearby Dongguan Street has a multitude of shops and restaurants, offering a variety of Chinese and international dishes, from dim sum to Vietnamese. With its unique culture, unique atmosphere, and great views, the Whampoa is a must-visit for travelers and photographers alike.

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