Tête à Turpin


Tête à Turpin - から Lac de Thuy, France
Tête à Turpin - から Lac de Thuy, France
Tête à Turpin
📍 から Lac de Thuy, France
Tête à Turpin is an impressive geological outcropping that is situated in Thônes, France. It rises abruptly from the neighboring Jura Mountains and is a popular spot for climbers, hikers, and sightseers alike. It is a large limestone cliff that measures around half a kilometer in length and is 300 meters at its highest point. The name comes from the legend of Turpin de Crépol, a medieval knight who is believed to have leapt from the face of the cliff to avoid capture. Trails wind around and through the features of the outcropping and offer beautiful views of the valley below. On a clear day, the highest point of the outcropping allows visitors to observe Mont Blanc and the surrounding peaks. The outcropping is also home to a number of climbing routes, ranging from beginner to advanced. The routes are perfect for individuals of all levels, and the view from the top is sure to make a climber smile.

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